About SmartMotion Technology

SmartMotion Technology Inc., located in the San Francisco Bay Area, is the recognized leader in counterbalanced motion seating. The cornerstones of our company philosophy are superior products, reasonable pricing, and continuous, easily accessible customer service.

We collaborate with medical providers throughout the United States to develop intuitive, groundbreaking, body friendly products that promote health and comfort in the office and at home, all day every day.

Our products are designed for maximum performance and quality with minimal environmental impact, and our innovative, high-performance, ergonomic SwingChair is the first to free the body rather than constrain it. Our employees are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and delivering top quality products to you, our customers.

The History of the SwingChair

Hector Serber, the inventor of the SwingChair, was himself a back pain sufferer who had tried many other options with little success and decided to find his own solution. For several years, Hector used his training as a champion wrestler and a mechanical engineer, and experimented with the idea of motion in various ways until he discovered the unique, dynamic counterbalancing technology on which the SwingChair is based.

With a seat and backrest that swing independently from a pivot point which is level with the body’s center of motion which is near to everyone’s navel, the new chair was the perfect solution, completely alleviating his back pain. It worked for one; would it work for others?

A prototype was created and testing began with others who suffered from back pain and other related office chair injuries. Today, SwingChair is recognized by ergonomists and healthcare professionals worldwide as the best solution for people who sit for long periods of time, especially those with back pain (and those who wish to avoid it).

When SmartMotion Technology was founded in 2007, its goal was to make the best chairs in the world and sell them direct to consumers at affordable prices. The design of the chair was based on simplicity and good science rather than artistic expression, keeping production costs low in order to pass those savings on to you.

Fortunately, the Internet allows us to reach out directly to you in a cost-effective way, to introduce our revolutionary product and provide the continuous technical support you need to get the most out of your SwingChair.

Our 30-day money-back guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction, and we can afford to do this for one reason: less than three people out of every hundred who buy are less than 100% satisfied with the product. Put SmartMotion Technology to the test. Order your SwingChair today and start experiencing the incredible comfort and soothing pain relief that natural human motion can deliver.