Overcoming Sciatica Pain


sciaticaFrom Wikipedia: “Sciatica (/saɪˈætɪkə/; sciatic neuritis, sciatic neuralgia, or lumbar radiculopathy) is a set of symptoms including pain caused by general compression or irritation of one of five spinal nerve roots of each sciatic nerve—or by compression or irritation of the left or right or both sciatic nerves. Symptoms include lower back pain, buttock pain, and pain, numbness or weakness in various parts of the leg and foot. Other symptoms include a “pins and needles” sensation, or tingling and difficulty moving or controlling the leg. Typically, symptoms only manifest on one side of the body.”

Millions of us have suffered the pain of sciatica. It is one of the most common problems treated by healthcare professionals and causes millions of visits to the hospital emergency room by first-time sufferers who wonder what is happening. Continue reading

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Fybromyalgia – Pain without injury

Neck Pain

From Wikipedia: “Fibromyalgia (FM or FMS) is characterized by chronic widespread pain and allodynia (a heightened and painful response to pressure). Its exact cause is unknown but is believed to involve psychological, genetic, neurobiological and environmental factors. Fibromyalgia symptoms are not restricted to pain, leading to the use of the alternative term fibromyalgia syndrome for the condition. Other symptoms include debilitating fatigue, sleep disturbance, and joint stiffness. Some patients also report difficulty with swallowing, bowel and bladder abnormalities, numbness and tingling, and cognitive dysfunction. Fibromyalgia is frequently comorbid with psychiatric conditions such as depression and anxiety and stress-related disorders such as posttraumatic stress disorder. Not all fibromyalgia patients experience all associated symptoms.”

More than 20 years ago one of my dearest friends was diagnosed with Fybromyalgia. She was a 5th year pediatric nursing student at prestigious John Hopkins University in Baltimore. I had never heard of the problem, but she said not to worry… it is not contagious. She described the pain and fatigue she experienced every day and how there was almost nothing she could do to combat the debilitating effects of this modern day scourge.

Continue reading

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The Orthotic chair… is it necessary?

knee-braceNoun – Orthotic – a support, brace, or splint used to support, align, prevent, or correct the function of movable parts of the body and especially weak or injured joints or muscle.

Most of us have seen professional athletes wearing braces on their legs or arms while playing their sport. These braces guide and limit the path of motion of the limb to prevent injury and help rehabilitate damage. Continue reading

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The Autonomic chair… did you say impossible?

back-painNoun – Autonomic Nervous System – the part of the nervous system responsible for control of the bodily functions not consciously directed, such as breathing, the heartbeat, and digestive processes.

During the day as you sit in your office chair, your body and spine make hundreds, maybe thousands of adjustments every few minutes. Even as you take a breath, your spine and posture changes to allow for your expanding lungs. Many of these movements are not consciously directed. They happen as a natural movement the body makes to relieve pressure on the spine. Yet in a normal ergonomic chair each movement means you are losing support. In fact these chairs are designed to restrict natural back motion. The result is back pressure and pain. If you have back pain already, such as stiff back pain, pain from a herniated disc, scoliosis, or fibromyalgia. Your back pain will be exasperated. Your body needs motion to take stress off your spine and relieve pain from herniated discs, scoliosis, even fibromyalgia. Continue reading

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