SwingChair Specifications

Specs for SwingChair Pro
Our best chair supports you from your head down.

  • Fits anyone from 5 ft. to 6 ft. 8 in. and up to 350 LB
  • ErgoMotion Mechanism relieves back pain by perfectly counterbalancing your natural motion as you work, relax, or simply breathe
  • Deluxe molded Polyurethane Foam Cushions provide gentle, soothing, low-pressure support to your legs, hips and back
  • 3D Perforated, breathable Fabric in black or red
  • Heavy Duty Base
  • Height & Depth Adjustable Headrest
  • Height Adjustable Armrests
  • 30 minute complimentary consultation with staff ergonomist to help you achieve maximum benefit from your SwingChair

Specs for Stool Height Kit

If you work at a drafting table or counter top, this kit will raise your seat and provide a place to rest your feet.

  • Chromed steel foot ring, 20 inch OD, height adjustable
  • 10” stroke gas lift will raise seat up to any height between 25” to 34”
  • Multi-surface casters

Specs for the Caster Options

SwingChairs are offered with three caster options.

  • The regular/basic caster is 60mm. It is meant for use on carpets or mats.
  • Hard floor casters are designed to work smoothly on hard surfaces like tile and hardwood flooring.
  • The larger caster is 75mm, usable with any surface. It is normally included with the heavy-duty kit but there are individual applications too.

Specs for Clamp-On 4-Arm Tray

  • The Clamp-On 4-Arm Tray gives its owners the opportunity to rest their forearms while typing.
  • It clamps on to the desk, providing a seven-degree angle on which to rest one’s arms. This alleviates tension from the hands through the upper body.
  • The tray requires a 27” opening under the desk to clamp it on. Also, it requires a desk area less than two inches thick to apply the clamps.
  • For those who sit close to their desk, do a great deal of typing and need the forearm support this provides it is an excellent tool.