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Customers always have the best feedback, read some of the unsolicited testimonials we have received from SwingChair customers below.

The Best Chair for Bad Backs

"As a physician who has treated thousands of people for back pain and who also suffers from severe lumbar degenerative disc disease, my professional opinion is that the SwingChair is the Best Chair for Bad Backs."

- Jon Sterngold, MD

After buying one, the company bought many more!

I have been suffering from lumbar back pain for many years, and I work at a desk for hours upon hours! I convinced my company that a good chair would save my back from the surgery that I have been avoiding. We've done multiple trials of competitors ergonomic back saving chairs, and the SwingChair was the best! Shortly after I have had the chair, people with back issues started showing up at my desk asking to try the SwingChair. Needless to say, my company has offered this chair as a standard option to employees.

My coworkers thought that I worked for SwingChair at first, and now I can say the same about those who also use them in our office.

Thanks for the comfort!

Alex Pesiridis
CAE Healthcare

Great Chair

I am an IT technician that is sitting at my desk about 60 to 80 percent of the day. I have a bad back and injured hip. The company I worked for would purchase a chair if a doctor note was provided. I would also have to find a chair that would be suitable for my issues. I worked with my chiropractor to find a chair that would be good for me and found information pertaininng this chair. After my company ordered the chair, I found that it made a difference. The constant motion would allow my hip stay flexible and the way the seat was designed kept my posture upright allowing for less pain. Not to mention the cost of the chair was less than chairs that were originally purchased. Others in my office are looking into getting these chairs as well. Great chair.

Coy Hartin

Happy Land Surveyors

We've had our chairs for over five years and can't get over how comfortable they are and how they so effortlessly move with the body. No matter the position, no matter the lean, no matter how sideways in the seat. The cushions have just the right amount of cushioning, and haven't bottomed-out or become mis-shapen in any way. Ditto for the padding on the armrests. Just quality, quality, quality, top to bottom. Set the chair up for your body and get to work -- the last thing you'll ever notice is your chair.

Clever Design and a Great Value

I spent some serious hours in a computer chair studying for the CPA exam this summer. Unfortunately, I logged these hours in an average computer chair, which is designed for the average sitter (e.g., an hour or two at a time). It got to the point where the chair was my main study deterrent, rather than the material. That's when I decided to invest in something ergonomic. Since modern marketing uses the term "ergonomic" loosely, I was prepared to spend some serious cash in order to acquire a legitimately ergonomic chair.

Originally, I was looking at the Herman Miller Embody, which can get up to $1,400. But, long story short, I deemed the SwingChair to be more cleverly designed and also a better value. Since I saved a good deal of money on the chair itself (compared to the Embody), I decided to try out some accessories, and I must say, they make all the difference—notably the footrest in conjunction with the Clamp-on 4-ARM Tray. In order for my forearms to be flush with the desk, I have to raise the chair to the point where my feet dangle (I’m 5’8). The footrest enables me to ground my feet (no surprise there), which really helps me fend off fatigue.

It’s just too bad I didn’t invest in the chair sooner—it would have made for a less painful summer.

Sedentary Guy

We Chose SwingChair over Herman Miller with No Regrets

"My wife and I have used our Swing Chair every day for the last five years. We love the comfort it provides to our lower back issues. The chair construction is top notch and Swing Chairs’ customer service is the best. We chose this chair over a Herman Miller and have never regretted the decision."

- Brian Katz

Swing Chair Changed My Life

"Before becoming the proud owner of my own beautiful Swing Chair, I would have said that all office chairs were basically the same. I would also have said that it was impossible for an office to chair to change someone's life. I was wrong! The Swing Chair has truly changed my life, and made the hours I spend writing in front of my computer considerably more comfortable and less painful. By supporting my entire body, my Swing Chair has extended the length of time I am able to sit and work. This chair is in a class by itself!"

- Vivien

Love My SwingChair

"I absolutely love my SwingChair. It compares more favorably to more expensive chairs."

- Glenn

I Can Sit with No Pain

"Just want to say I got my swing chair last week and it is Swingtastic!!! The only chair I have owned after trying many expensive and different designs that I can sit in without back pain. My herniated disk gets no pressure put on it by the seat swing. Just wanted to say I am Swingcited and Swingstatic about the Swingchair."

- Jim

Only Chair to Fix My Chronic Back Pain

"The SwingChair chair is the best, and only chair that has ameliorated the chronic back pain I suffer. Additionally, I can do the back strengthening exercise and position movement exercises while I sit and accomplish the days activities on my SwingChair."

- H.T., Stonelake, CA

Finally Spending Time in Front of My Computer in Comfort

"I have never sat in a chair this comfortable or back-friendly in my whole life. It allows me to lean back to stretch, rock the seat forward and back, and with a footrest, be able to support my legs and move my feet wherever I want. I would recommend this chair to anyone who wants to spend their time in front of their computer or desk in comfort. Thank you for making this chair!"

- Gayle W., California

A Stroke of Genius

"My old chair was a fully adjustable ergonomic chair I bought seven years ago for $700. As someone who works 8 hours a day on a computer and then spends another 2 to 6 hours on the Internet at night, the chair is an important part of my life. I came to dread sitting in my old chair and felt it was draining the life out of me, but the SwingChair feels like a battery recharger and I can't wait to get back into it! Your invention is truly a stroke of genius. My legs and back get to move freely at any angle instead of being locked in an unnatural L shape all day. And your customer service is great! I ordered the chair on Monday and it arrived on Wednesday. Other chairs with headrests were going to take six weeks to special order."

- Norman H., Cathedral City, CA

This Chair is Truly Revolutionary

"I am sitting in my SwingChair and I am loving it. I haven't even locked in my optimal positioning, but I can tell how revolutionary this chair is. Thanks for having me on board. I will waste no opportunity to spread the WORD."

- David

Love the Motion. It's Priceless!

"I LOVE IT! It is taking all the pressure off my lower back & the “motion” it provides is “priceless” in my opinion. Great product, great service."

- John Y

Best, Most Comfortable Chair I've Ever Used

"I’ve had my SwingChair for over a year…. It’s the best, most comfortable office chair I’ve ever used. I write, and spend hours in this chair with total comfort!"

- Brett V, PhD.

I Feel Like a Space Shuttle Pilot in my SwingChair

"My back has never felt so good. It feels like I’m the pilot of a space shuttle and all my controls are at my fingertips. So cool! Thanks SmartMotion I did not think this was possible."

- Wendy C.

I Can Now Sit up To 8 Hours a Day and Do What I Like to Do

"I purchased a SwingChair and I love it! I sit up to 8 hours a day and it has made the difference between continuing on with my work or finding some other way to make a living. Thanks for such a superb product!"

- Debra L.

Cool Chairs

"The chairs arrived today!!!!! and are assembled and in practice - they are so cool."

- Joe

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