Revolutionary SwingChair – Your Immediate Solution for Back Pain

The next step in Ergonomics is here…SwingChair III allows you to float in comfort all day

SwingChair uses natural human motion the single most important component to a healthy back.

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Sit comfortably all day without changing anything but your chair!

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SwingChair II

Chair for Back Pain ReliefAs you move, SwingChair floats with you giving your back full support for every movement, no matter how large, or small.

Why You Should Choose SwingChair

If you answer yes to any of these questions The SwingChair is right for you:

  • Is your back pain increased after sitting all day?
  • Do you find yourself getting up and stretching during the day?
  • Are your neck and shoulders sore after long hours on the computer?
  • Do you have herniated disc, scoliosis or other back issues?

If you answered yes to any of the above, don’t sit all day in an ergonomic chair, float in comfort all day in a SwingChair.

    Get Your Life Back – You Don’t Need to Sit in Pain

    Back Pain is a Common Ailment


    • Over 65 Million Americans experience back pain every year.
    • Back pain is the #2 cause of lost days at work.
    • Most of us work 8-10 hours a day in a chair.
    • According to leading researchers, sitting in fixed postures without proper support damages the ligaments of your spine, causing fatigue, pain, and eventually chronic injury.

    It’s not surprising that our backs hurt. The only complete solution is natural human motion and continuous back support found only in SwingChair.

    Lifetime Value of Your SwingChair

    Since most of us spend so much time in our chair, we frequently need to replace it as parts become worn out and less effective. With SwingChair, the need to constantly buy new chairs is over.

    SwingChair is designed and built for a lifetime of service. From high strength steel to glass-filled nylon in the plastic parts to the use of 100,000 double-rub fabric, both materials and workmanship are of the highest caliber. SwingChair’s modular design makes it easy to update or replace any part in the chair.